Tisha Casida is a Native Coloradan who believes in individual sovereignty, protecting property rights, and holding the federal government accountable to the Constitution of the United States of America. She has worked for eight years as an entrepreneur engaging in creating wealth by educating people through marketing, advertising, and promotions. She is a stanch advocate for food and medicine freedom. She is a former Independent candidate for Colorado's Congressional District Three, and a firm believer protecting individuals, farmers, and small business owners by making sure that important decisions affecting them can be made at the State and local level of government where the actions of government are more transparent and "officials" are easier to hold accountable. She was recently made chair of the Blue Republican Colorado chapter, and continues to advocate for Americans to be liberty-curious and have sound and peaceful discussions about liberty, constitutional government, and sound currency.

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Women In Charge – Putting Ourselves in Charge of Birth, and Control

By: Tisha T. Casida

There was a meme, it said, “If you didn’t want old elitist men making health care decisions – you shouldn’t have put the federal government in charge of the health care system”.


This transcends the puppet-show of “Right” versus “Left” – “Republican” versus “Democrat”.  This is about common sense.


When it comes to a woman’s body (or, any body for that matter) – the government (a collection of individuals who use taxes, law, and force to implement policy)  shouldn’t have any control.  Period.  When government (which, currently, in our country, is a large portion of old, elitist men – both Republican and Democrat) decides what you can and can’t have for your health – this can be really dangerous for women.  Why in the world would we let them decide what is best?


A woman is best served when she is in complete control of her body. her health care, and her decision whether or not to take birth control.  It being her responsibility, it should be a right to be able to pay for that – without the government being involved.  It is a service, a choice, a health-care decision. and something that strong women would WANT to pay for.  Being able to pay for it yourself means that no one can tell you what you can or cannot do – it is your money, your body, your pocketbook.


If women were able to keep more of the money that they earn (e.g. abolish the federal income taxes that go to nothing of benefit to Americans and women), then they could make a lot more choices what they do with that money.  It should never be in the government’s hands.  And, it should never be in a corporation’s hands.  People should always be able to make a personal choice what they do and don’t want to do with their body – taking healthcare out of the federal government’s hands – is a great start to protecting women.


Old, elitist men, who refuse to bring in the next generation of leaders and instead have decided to die in their chairs, sitting in Congress – doing NOTHING for the young people of this country – will not fix our problems.  It is up to us.  And if we wan’t to find solutions, we are going to have to get rid of the puppet show that the Republicans and the Democrats are putting on concerning health care.  Women could be very good leaders by taking responsibility for their health care and getting important decisions out of the government’s hands.  It is your morality, your money, your body, your pocketbook, your natural right – protect it – and get government out of it.

Department of In-Justice

No Justice - Gavel Crossed Out

– By: Tisha Casida

At the federal level of government, the “justice system” – or the judicial branch of government – is engaging in a dangerous use of force against dissenters of the administration.


What is happening with Lois Lerner and the unfathomable loss of her email communications illustrates the corruption in the justice department – there is none – for people who are part of the “us” crowd, that are protected by the executive branch of government, the President, and his Cabinet.  Aren’t there laws for federal agencies to keep records?  If these emails were miraculously found – they would most likely show the dangerous use of a government agency – the IRS – to stop and quiet people, organizations, and companies that are against the current administration.


This use of force by the government is not only unconstitutional (and most people on the true liberal left can agree with this), but it is a dangerous usurpation of power that throws our country further into the far-right (Fascism) and far-left (Marxism) use of the presidency and executive branch to stop individuals from exercising their natural rights, and having the right to due process in a court of law with a jury of their peers.


What can you expect, when the “justice system” is NOT made up of people who have worked for Americans as peace officers, judges, or armed service members – but instead – as fund-raisers.  Eric Holder was a key fundraiser (bundler) for President Obama.  If the people who raise the most money get to be the people who use the hammer of justice – then isn’t there a lot of opportunity for those people, like Eric Holder, to use the justice system to hurt or “get back at” people, companies, and organizations that they dislike?  I believe it is a conflict of interest.  And the legislative branch of government – our Congressmen and Senators – should be doing a much better job of this.


This is about social justice, and equality – what is good for the American people should be the same standards that are applied to anyone in office, making a living thanks to the taxpayers of our country.  If WE are required to keep our tax information for 3 years or more, why isn’t the IRS required to keep its communications having to do with our tax information for 3 years or more?    There is no excuse – and there is injustice being served by our “justice” department.

If this is the corruption, and half of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes – WHY ARE YOU?


You Can’t End Corruption Using Corrupt People’s Rules

Party Logos Upside Down with X

By: Tisha T. Casida

I have a lot of friends who believe in “party infiltration”. And I have so much respect for ANYBODY who is willing to step up in ANY capacity to make a difference. But, in my opinion, there is no way that true liberty and the freedom to dissent will be successful in a party system that strong-arms candidates based on the money they raise and the money the party can then use to buy influence.

And then, be able to use that influence to extort from businesses, industries, and even countries – more wealth, resources, and power – that can be used to destroy the individual liberties and natural rights of Americans – and all humans. It is a game of extortion, and both the Republican and Democratic parties play that game well.

There are thousands of examples of this, and that is why I have chosen the path less traveled – that of running outside of any party. Not that this is the right path, but it is the one that I, personally, feel most justified and vindicated in traveling. You may be aware of the concept that there are millions of apathetic Americans who don’t want to participate in our corrupt two-party system. My belief is that there can be leaders out in the communities where we live that give these dissenting voices of frustration a place to cast their vote.

These are the silent numbers of people who don’t post their likes and dislikes via social media, they don’t speak up at meetings, they don’t attend political rallies – but they are there, and I believe that they are willing to draw their line in the sand when it comes time to stand up against the oppressive forces of the extortion tactics used by political parties and people we hesitantly call “representatives” in the House and Senate. This includes the near-blind support of Homeland Security’s infiltration of our local police forces, the building of containment camps throughout the United States, and extremely destructive erosion of American’s privacy. These are the oppressive forces NOT being spoken against by either party.

Corruption does not lend itself to rule-following. I have witnessed this for four years in Colorado’s third congressional district where many a good men think they can run Republican and get the blessing of a party that claims to be constitutional and conservative. Unfortunately, you can’t play by the rules and expect to win when the people making the rules are the problem.


Tisha Casida is a Native Coloradan who believes in individual sovereignty, protecting property rights, and holding the federal government accountable to the Constitution of the United States of America.   She is an unaffiliated (independent) candidate for U.S. House, Colorado District Three.

Can We Win the War on Terrorism?

Originally posted by Tisha Casida on


By: Tisha Casida


An article from CBS reads, “Will ISIS plan a 9/11-style terror plot against the U.S.?”.


How can Congress have these fears when we have spent billions of dollars to “secure” other countries and our own?  When does this stop? Do you mean to tell me that we are in the exact same place that we were after 9/11?  And if this is the case, what is to say there is any hope to out-spend the “enemy” to “protect” us?


The only way to completely eradicate terrorism is to kill all people living on earth.  With the way that our government has handled our nuclear weapons technology and stockpile, that is a grave possibility.  There are always going to be bad people wanting to do harm to others.  If you want to win the war on terrorism – you would have to get rid of all human beings.  I am not a fan of that option.  There has to be some common sense answer to this question and fear – and it has to be different than having a standing army of Americans in countries with extreme religious factions that will stop at nothing to kill Americans.


With all of the technology we have, why isn’t is possible to do a better job at securing our country’s borders?  With the unprecedented collection of data on American citizens, as well as the disgusting use of Homeland Security as a standing army waiting to be used against our own citizens (complete with detention centers and government agencies having enough ammunition to knock off most Americans) – you would think that the government would have the “power” to stop the enemy.


Or, maybe that complete power to stop the enemy would mean that we, as Americans, would be literally or figuratively dead.  Either incapable of living, or determined to be the enemy ourselves, and killed.


What is happening in Iraq with ISIS is a lesson for us about the use and power of government.  Even the most “powerful” government in the world cannot stop bad people from doing bad things.  Even with the “Patriot Act” that strips away the freedoms and liberties of innocent and peace-loving Americans, even with trillions of dollars of spending on the “War on Terror”, even with our own “Weapons of Mass Destruction” – bombs, bullets, tanks, and drones – that we use against others – we still have enemies, and we still have people who want to terrorize us.  But now the question becomes – who are the terrorists?


It is too late to turn back the clock on our interventionist foreign policy that often takes other countries’ resources as a part of the plan of intervention.  Imperialism is nothing new in the history of our world.  However, for the sake of the next generation, for our kids and grandkids, we can at least theorize and discuss possible options to protect Americans and to protect the liberties of Americans – the very freedoms that make our country one where people want to flee to for liberty – not want to destroy.


What are the options for dealing with this crisis?  We certainly do not need boots on the ground in these countries that harbor terrorists and terrorist organizations like ISIS.  With the technology that we have, it is possible to not have our troops physically there.  We also do not need Homeland Security infiltrating our local police forces to create a standing army, where the potential for abuse is large and growing.  Any type of defense against foreign enemies should be at the borders – not in our community and towns.  If we focused our data collection on foreign enemies – the efficiency of that data collection should increase.  As with 9/11 and the Boston Bombings – these data collection systems were already in place – if the people collecting data were doing their job – we should have been able to stop these terror plots.


Yes, I am sure ISIS is planning a terror plot on the U.S.  I am sure there are several organizations that are doing so.  How can we use our technology to protect Americans while preserving their civil liberties and privacy?  How can we use the checks and balances of our republic to protect people and make sure we never become a police state with the horrific potential outcomes as what happened in Hitler’s Germany?


There are solutions, but we can’t be afraid to talk about them, and we can’t be led down the path of fear and terror about who wants to kill us.  We must walk unafraid, and realize that terror comes in many packages – including those sold to us by our own government in an effort to destroy our will to question, to fight, and to live.


Tisha Casida is a Native Coloradan who believes in individual sovereignty, protecting property rights, and holding the federal government accountable to the Constitution of the United States of America.   She is an unaffiliated (independent) candidate for U.S. House, Colorado District Three.



Mayors, Moms, and Millions – Protect Your Life with No More Federal Gun Laws

Adam Kokesh & Tisha Casida

Adam Kokesh & Tisha Casida

By: Tisha Casida


Former Mayor Bloomberg passionately pleaded for mayors, moms, and millions of Americans to join his crusade – and that the number of deaths caused by guns and suicide from “illegal” guns was over 30,000 a year.


In 2012, there were approximately 34,080 deaths from motor vehicle accidents.

In 2010, there were approximately 38,329 deaths from drug overdoses.

In 2012, there were approximately 1,638,910 deaths from cancer.

Guns aren’t the problem – bad people are the problem.  Sickness and disease are the problem.  Moms, daughters, and strong women – do not be fooled by this crusade against “guns”.  Follow your heart, and your gut – who do YOU trust to protect you and your family?


Why do you call 911 if you are in danger?  It is because “good guys” with guns will come to protect you (hopefully).  Are you okay with dis-arming the police, sheriffs, and the military?  If they can have guns – why can’t we, as responsible adults?


CRIMINALS ARE CRIMINALS because THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW.  More gun laws – specifically at the federal level – will do NOTHING to stop crime – they will only make more crime possible against people who deserve the right to protect themselves and their family.  More laws are designed to dis-arm people – because there are already thousands of laws for back-ground checks and other means to “protect” you from criminals getting guns if those aren’t working – NOTHING WILL.


I plead with you to research what happens to populations when they can’t protect themselves – and remember that the more laws there are – the more criminals we create out of the people who are committing no crime.


Let’s Stop the EPA from Taking Your Property

BY: Tisha Casida

Property rights, the ability to own “things”, and the protection against having groups of people – whether in government or in business – be able to “take your stuff”, is a unique and coveted component of our country.


Americans are feeling the heat – farmers, small-business-owners, and most everyone who lives paycheck-to-paycheck – can feel that something is trying to stop them from being able to work, to make money, to protect their property, and to be able to accomplish “the American Dream”.


There are thousands of laws on the books that are not equally enforceable, and so oftentimes, those trying hardest to “follow the law” are the ones that get punished.  Where is the justice in that?


Another law coming down the pipe that supports and promotes the non-environmentally-protecting EPA yet again threatens farmers and property owners with the un-just and un-constitutional actions of the federal government.  The EPA proposal will “regulate” (AKA: spy on, fine, and take away) property with isolated water accumulations (e.g. ponds and marshes) with no direct flow or connection to navigable waterways (e.g. streams and rivers).


Basically, every property in America would have some accumulation of water, at some point.  And so this piece of legislation, the Clean Water Act, with this proposed rule – could be damaging to not only farmers and ranchers – but even home-owners.


In our elections, in our consumption, and in our voice – it is up to us to step up and protect each other.  We are the servers of justice, and you and I must protect each other’s property – whether it is our homes, our land, our bank-accounts, or our family.  It’s up to us, and we must oppose laws that can take away our property – it is the antithesis of the American Dream.

Refuse to Be Motivated By Fear of Climate Change

No Agenda 21

Climates change – they just do.  There is NO DOUBT that we are polluting our planet in bad ways, but that does not necessarily equal that we are solely responsible for what we are seeing with the climate changing.  It also does not mean that an international government agency can dictate to us, as Americans, what we can do with our property.


Be warned – fear of climate change and extreme weather – WILL BE USED TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS.  That is what this is about.  If we really want to make a difference and a positive change in our environment – we will act as individuals, making decisions with how we make purchases and what we consume – BY CHOICE.  Laws will only take away more of our freedom and more of our property.  In America, we ALREADY have some of the strictest environmental laws in the WORLD.


There has been warming and cooling of the planet for arguably MILLIONS of years – how long have you and I been around to know how that has happened and how it will continue?  How do scientists know that we are the sole cause?  What about volcanoes?  What about the hundreds (thousands?) of nuclear detonations?   If you want to be concerned about something affecting us immediately that we ARE causing, I would point the finger right back to the government, which has pumped amazing amounts of radiation into our water and air with nuclear warheads.


Yes, the climate is changing, and has changed for millions of years.  That is science.  For us to be scared about the climate changing is only useful to scare people into behaving differently.  Fear – what can the government or the United Nations tell YOU to do differently? They can tell you to stop using your car, they can tell you to stop using your property – they can tell you that it is illegal to exercise your natural rights.


I believe in climate change, and I believe that the climate has changed for a long, long time.  I do NOT believe in the federal government or the United Nations having any power or use of law to change my behaviors as a human being.  I, as a free being, will work with others in my community and my State to figure out better ways to affect our environment.  That is powerful, and just.  It is un-just to use fear of our own planet’s behaviors to enact laws that will have detrimental effects on our economy and our quality of life.  Refuse to be motivated by fear – REFUSE TO BE MOTIVATED BY CLIMATE CHANGE!

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Could Mind-Altering Drugs Alter Someone’s Mind?

By: Tisha Casida


We are faced again with another incident of a shooting by someone who was taking prescription medication for emotional distress – in this case, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


The tragedy at Fort Hood will again bring into the spotlight a myriad of questions about what was the cause and the motive – and what can we do to “stop” this type of incident from ever happening again.


Many people are starting to ask questions about mind-altering prescription medications – and how they may affect different people.  Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of drugs used to treat depression.  In altering the state of the mind, there are many side effects that may be concerning to people who live and work with people who are taking these drugs.


Although modern medicine can be championed for many great contributions to mental health – that doesn’t mean that it is above reproach, and at least a healthy questioning, about how to potentially deal with negative side effects – especially when it comes to our youth and to our military personnel.


“Mild degree of mania”, “agitation”, “racing thoughts, feeling extreme happiness or irritability” – are all stated side-effects for Zoloft, Paxil, and Luvox.  How could these emotions and feelings affect a young person with racing hormones or military personnel that has served overseas and seen horrific things?  It could be worse than the original depression that they felt – it could be deadly.


We can be thankful for mental health issues that have had positive effects from these drugs, but we need to question their effects on all people, with other variables that may contribute to side-effects that could end up having that medicated person take other people’s lives.


Mind-altering drugs are capable of altering someone’s mind – and this has repercussions for all of us in the communities, organizations, and institutions where mind-altering drugs are being taken by others.


Tisha Casida is an Unaffiliated (Independent) candidate for U.S. House, Colorado District Three.  She is an advocate for protecting property rights and  a firm believer protecting individuals, farmers, and small business owners by making sure that important decisions affecting them can be made at the State and local level of government where the actions of government are more transparent and “officials” are easier to hold accountable. 

Command and Control – Let’s Bring It Closer to Home

Book_Command and Control

By: Tisha Casida

I am reading Eric Schlosser’s (one of my favorite authors) Command and Control. And now, more than ever, I am convinced of the absolute necessity of de-centralizing the command and control of our government, and even our military.


We hear the saying, “every great empire falls”, and there is truth to this based on the history of countries that de-base their currency (like we are).  But my country, is an experiment.  And no where else in the world is there a Constitution like ours, nor a diverse and resilient set of people like Americans.  Our federal government may fail us, but that does not mean that we won’t survive it and come back thriving.


Stop here if you don’t like change or optimism (or idealism).


A “decapitation” attack – which would be aimed at our country’s civilian and military leadership – could cause immediate confusion and weakness by any enemy force.  Forget about who the “enemy” is – because we will disagree and argue about that.  Instead, let’s ask ourselves – what can we do to prepare for this?


1. Make sure that States and local governments can operate independently of the federal government.


2. Make sure that State’s have control over their own militia – known now as the National Guard.

3. Make sure that commerce can go on – even if the federal reserve note (U.S. dollar bill) has no value.


That is an excellent start.  Not only will more efficiency be gained by having a smaller federal government that can focus on certain important issues, but the American people will have more command and control when it comes to defense and protecting their property.


When anything gets too big – it fails.  I don’t want the federal government or the military to fail.  Companies and even organizations have had huge success by de-centralizing decision-making and project-controlling.  Our country will see success too, and the motion is already in place for this to happen.


Tisha Casida is an Unaffiliated (Independent) candidate for U.S. House, Colorado District Three.  She is an advocate for protecting property rights and  a firm believer protecting individuals, farmers, and small business owners by making sure that important decisions affecting them can be made at the State and local level of government where the actions of government are more transparent and “officials” are easier to hold accountable.

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