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  1. ReplyGreg

    Wow! Thanks Tisha! These are to the point and an easy read. Great for my short attention span! I'll be sharing these and giving a couple more as gifts to my niece and nephew in college. Probably better than any class they will take at CU Boulder. I'm Alumni, I know what is offered!

  2. ReplyDelilah

    Smart, very smart. I love these. Natural Rights is my fav.

  3. ReplyMichal Krajicek

    THe Pamphlets are great itroduction to principles, which Tisha advocate, for people who see, that something wrong is with their goverment and they do not want tolerate it more. Pamphlets are focused on the United States, but it does not matter, where do you live on the world. We all have the same problems with our goverments, as people in the United States. Thank you for my copies, they are exactly, what I missed in current literature. Important, shortly and simply explained introduction. Michal Krajicek PS: Maybe, it can be good gift. :)

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