Wyoming Allows Farmers to Sell Food

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In a historic act of common sense, Wyoming’s governor signed a bill that would allow farmers and producers of local food to directly sell that food to consumers who want it – avoiding the bureaucratic mess that exists and makes it nearly impossible for people to ‘legally’ do that anymore.

That means if Tisha decides to bake a cookie and wants to sell it at the farmer’s market, that I am allowed to do that without bringing in the USDA, FDA, and local health department licensing that crushes most individual’s ability to sell goods because of the cost and time navigating the red tape.

On the other side of the country, in Sedgwick, Maine, they did the same type of thing several years ago.

And, thanks to States around the country bringing common sense to medicine-policy through the ‘legalization’ of cannabis, it leaves much hope to be had when it comes to bringing common sense back to agriculture and food.

When government gets too big – it is a lose-lose for consumer and the people who product the foods and products that individuals want.  And, thanks to people who are willing to stand up for their Food and Medicine Freedom – the shackles that big government and big pharma had attempted to put on, are being cast away.

From the article from “Rare”:

‘Constituents like Lisa Glauner approve. “The government is not my parent,” Glauner says. “I would much rather have food the way God made it than to have FDA-approved food that is not even real, like Kraft macaroni and cheese that doesn’t even have real ingredients.” ‘ 



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